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Cleo Clarify 5.1.20 Studio and Server Released :: August 22, 2022

Cleo clarify 5.1.20 Studio Update screen

Cleo Clarify 5.1.20 was released wtih Ruleset and Connector updates. In addition to the updates several other fixes have been applied.

Below are the notes from Cleo.com

Improved WS Consumer functionality to retrieve HTTP response codes

Improvements to Clarify now make it easier to access HTTP response codes and messages when working with WS Consumer objects. This can be beneficial when building business logic around a WS Consumer that requires HTTP status codes. See Retrieving HTTP response details with a Web Service Consumer (REST).

Write CDATA XML tag within element when using v2 Ruleset & SOAP Consumer

Web Service Consumer (SOAP) functionality has been enabled with the CDATA standard, which allows users to add the HTTP header for the Web Service Consumers SOAP using Process environment variables, and send CDATA elements in the SOAP Payload without the need for encoding.

See the related Solution Center article to learn more about HTTP Headers and CDATA with respect to a Web Service Consumer. MS Dynamics 365 SCM Connector Enhancement - Include Expand Schema

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM Connector now includes all navigation entities applicable for a given entity (SalesOrderHeaderV2, for example) in the response schemas of Get and GetById operations. This alleviates the manual step of merging payloads of different entities to prepare a single document (for example, displaying the merged payload in the cockpit). You can now directly map these objects using a single, expanded schema within your Ruleset. For more information see Step 4 of creating a connector Project. Enhancements and fixes

  • A "Filename" parameter can now be used in the HarmonyWithMetadata BP
  • Errors are now logged when using the Run Transformation tool.
  • Fixed an upgrade issue when going to Clarify 5.1.18 from 4.17 in which opening an active process within the Auditor log caused an internal error.
  • Fixed issue where user could not run a stored procedure with 'begin tran' and 'commit' in the SQL Statement.
  • Fixed where Property Log Filter wasn't appearing in the Auditor.
  • Fixed an issue in which you could not read an XML Element Attribute when the child tag had the same name.
  • Fixed an issue in which the loading of AckCodes.xml would break Deploying ErrorActions on Routes.
  • Vault UI for Acumatica and Shopify Connectors issue resolved
  • Resolved issues with Salesforce Connector connectivity.
  • Fixed a connection error (InvocationTargetException) in the MS Dynamics365 Connector.
  • Improved the time it takes to execute a search request in NetSuite and Salesforce Connectors.
  • Fixed an issue with Schema expansion in the MS Dynamics 365 Connector.

Note: The notes below are from https://support.cleo.com/hc/en-us/articles/6301447510679-Cleo-Clarify-Release-Notes-v5-1-20-

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