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Cleo Clarify 5.0.9 Studio and Server Released :: April 30, 2020

Cleo clarify 5.0.9 Studio Update screen

Cleo Clarify 5.0.9 was released wtih Ruleset and Connector updates. In additio to the updates several other fixes have been applied.

Ruleset Enhancements

  • Choice Label: An enhancement to the Ruleset editor now includes the “Choice” label, which helps you identify those rules which can incorporate the use of Switch Rules and Methods. This visual cue lets you know that a Switch Rule should be used – something that’s not always obvious.
  • Faster Load time in Type browser: Types now load faster in the Ruleset editor.

Connector enhancements

  • Amazon Connector fixes
  • Shopify Connector fixes
  • Magento Connector fixes

Additional Enhancements

Note: The notes below are from Clarify's 5.0.9 Release

  • Fixed an issue with the Shopify Connector and the GetOrderById Schema not matching with the correct response.
  • Created adapter and monitor objects to connect to and integrate with IBM MQ.
  • Updated the link to Solution Center Release Notes from Clarify Studio update.
  • Several documentation updates, mainly around Application Connectors.
  • Improved Read File Adapter performance with mounted EFS location.
  • Several improvements made to the Onboarding API.
  • Improvements made to reduce Cluster Nodes from stopping during a Server update.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed expired license errors.
  • Fixed an issue in which the receiver would get stuck due to failures on job processing.
  • Fixed an issue in which “String Length” Business Process task outputs Integer data type instead of Long.
  • Fixed an issue in which Web Service Provider Status codes were incorrectly overwriting other Status Codes.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Run OS Command returned Null Storage Nodes.

Migration From Clarify 4

Note: There are no Cleo upgrade paths from Clarify v4 to v5.0. Existing projects (those created in Clarify v4) can be upgraded to work with Clarify 5.0.

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