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About EBIFour.com

Updated: Monday, July 25th, 2022

EBIFour.com is a spin-off of EBIThree.com and we continue to show Cleo Clarify end-users how to apply best practices and master the usage of their respective solutions.

With 15 years of Cleo Clarify experience and 24+ years of Cleo/EXTOL experience, the Sean Hoppe Consulting Group brings a unique perspective to CLEO implementations, daily support, and deep knowledge to back-end business processes. We understand Cleo Clarify is a very important solution but at the same time it is just the piece of the order-to-cash cycle or the procurement process.

We show organizations how to think outside-the-box & utilize Cleo Clarify to meet most of their data transformation needs wtih best practices. For some Cleo Clarify users, it means optimizing the order order-to-cash cycle. For others, it is from when the purchase order is placed until invoice is received.

On-Site/Remote Cleo Services

We provide services (remote/on-site) at a fraction of the cost our competitors.

Being daily users of the Cleo suite of products, we bring a unique on-site perspective during all implementations. We can assist as a part-time resource, full-time resource, or a hybrid between the two; we adjust as organizations scale-up or scale-down.

For more information on the services our group can provide, Click Here for more information.

24+ years of Documented EXTOL/Cleo Work:

To help track our progress and show the depth of our knowledge we document our current and previous engagements.

Cleo/EXTOL History -- Updated: July 2nd, 2021

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group Inc.

Pottsville, PA
office: 570.503.6114

Cape Coral, FL
office: 954.399.1736

Sean @ seanhoppe.com (remove spaces)

hours : 7am - 5:30pm EST

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