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Xpression is Not Valid Type for Ruleset

EBI 4 Scenario:

While trying to save an EBI 4 / Cleo Server ruleset, we received an error. Although there were 'yellow' warnings, there were no OBVIOUS errors

EBI 4 Issue:

There were incomplete ruleset conditions attached to rules. This was only found after deleting composites and they honing in on the specific rules.

EBI 4 Server Log Error:


EBI 4 / Ruleset error. The context XExpression is not valid for type SimpleRule

Save Failed
The context 'XExpression' is not valid for type 'SimpleRule'
Recommended contexts for type 'SimpleRule':
Other valid contexts for type 'SimpleRule': Rule, RuleNoCondition, RuleWithConditionThe context 'XExpression' is valid for types: NewListExpression, NewTupleExpression, XBinaryOperation, XAssignment, XBooleanLiteral, XCastedExpression, XClosure, XConstructorCall, XDoWhileExpression, XFeatureCall, XMemberFeatureCall, XNullLiteral, XNumberLiteral, XInstanceOfExpression, XReturnExpression, XStringLiteral, XSwitchExpression, XThrowExpression, XTryCatchFinallyExpression, XTypeLiteral, XUnaryOperation, XWhileExpression

Semantic Object: CommonClassFile.content->CommonClass'ABCInbound850toDb'.methods[0]->CommonMethod'execute'.body->TransformationBlock.expressions[0]->CompositeRule.expressions[6]->CompositeRule.expressions[5]->CompositeRule.expressions[0]->CompositeRule.expressions[4]->SimpleRule.ruleInfo->Rule.condition->SimpleRule

EBI 4 Resolution:

User will need to review the Ruleset condition tab to ensure each rule is set-up properly. In the example below, the condition is not completely set-up.

EBI 4 / Cleo Clarify ruleset . Rule with incomplete Condition

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