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Unable To Activate iSeries DB2 Insert Database Monitor

Clarify Scenario:

Cleo Clarify DB2 Database Datasource

We configured the Clarify Datasource to the proper iSeries Lirbary and we see the table under Schemas.

Clarify Issue:

Cleo Clarify DB2 Database Insert Monitor

When we start the database monitor we get the error Logicalfile in LIBNAME not correct type..

Server Error:


call EXTOLDBMON.EXTOL_DBM_INSERT_SP('com.abc.edi.Logistics.outbound.StatusDetails315.LogisitcsOutbound315DBM', 'jdbc:as400://1.1.50.', 'com.abc.edi.Logistics.outbound.StatusDetails315.LogisticsOutbound315LaunchEventEV', 'LIBNAME', '', 1, varNew);
03/07/2017 - 08:49:53.582 AM [ERROR] Exception occurred while STARTING Database Monitor: [SQL0156] logicalfile in LIBNAME not correct type..
03/07/2017 - 08:49:53.582 AM [ERROR] sqlstate = 42809

Clarify Resolution:

The AS400/iSeries OS only supports triggers on physical file, not logical files. We assigned a physical file to the database insert trigger and it worked.
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