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Unable to Start Clarify Database Monitor for iSeries

Clarify Scenario:

Cleo Clarify Database Monitor Installed on iSeries

We configured the database monitor and now we are trying to start the database monitor.

Clarify Issue:

When we start the database monitor we get the error EXTOLOWN in QSYS type *LIB not found..

Server Error:


call EXTOLDBMON.EXTOL_DBM_INSERT_SP('com.abc.edi.CustomsDbMonitorDBM', 'jdbc:as400://', 'com.abc.edi.CustomsLaunchEventEV',
databaseMonitorName=com.abc.edi.CustomsDbMonitorDBM', 1, varNew);
02/23/2017 - 12:15:38.409 PM [ERROR] Exception occurred while STARTING Database Monitor: [SQL0204] EXTOLOWN in QSYS type *LIB not found..
02/23/2017 - 12:15:38.409 PM [ERROR] sqlstate = 42704

Clarify Resolution:

After speaking with Cleo Support folks, we determined we needed to run the following on the iseries: CRTLIB EXTOLOWN

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