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Refactoring Errors During XML Project Generator

Clarify Scenario:

During the refactoring of the Cleo Clarify project and packages, the Version 2 XML objects 'broke'.

Clarify Issue:

Due to how version 2 XML objects are constructed, the links were broken, and the phantom infer packages were not present.

Studio Errors:

Cleo Clarify XML Schema Objects Project Package
All the XML schemas are broke.

Cleo Clarify XML Schema Text Editor

Cleo Clarify XML Schema Package Manifest
The MANIFEST also has errors and it is referencing infer

Clarify Resolution:

At times, Clarify was getting confused with the different names of all the bindings and jars.
After copying the project, we deleted the bindings.jar files in "xml-lib" and recreated the schemas fresh.
We also cleaned up the MANIFEST by removing the old exported packages in "Runtime."

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