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Unable to Deploy Collection List Builder Java Class

Clarify Scenario:

While trying to deploy core project, in Cleo Clarify 4.17, bundling error occurs .
With the java-programs and the MANIFEST.MF updated errored out with a new error saying all of our global variables are now empty
I did roll-back to a previous version of our core project and it deployed just fine with no errors and then tried to re-add the java-programs and class/java files again and replicated the same error again.

Clarify Issue:

A JAVA Class was not being recognized by the Cleo Clarify Server during deployment.

Server Error:

Deployment error:

Cleo Clarify Server Unable to deploy due to bundle validation errors

Clarify Resolution:

We were able to get this to deploy by adding the java-classes folder I created to the build.properties and the root classpath to the masifest.mf We are thinking that the Action, in our core.edi package that is being called within the map, does not have the pointer to this new java class.

Cleo Clarify core project java class Collection Builder List

Cleo Clarify core action Collection Builder List

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