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Share Project Failed; Clean-up Svn First

Clarify Scenario:

While trying to share a Cleo Clarify Project, the Team Share option failed and created an error

Clarify Issue:

During the Prject Share, Clarify identified a 'lock' present. This lock needs to be deleted in the local workspace.

Windows Error:

Share project was failed.
svn: E155004: There are unfinished work items in 'C:\Users\SeanHoppe\ABC\zzz.ABC'; run 'svn cleanup' first.

Cleo Clarify / SVN Share Project Failed; Cleanup Svn First

EBI 4 Resolution:

Clarify users will want to locate the workspace directory and delete the directory .svn.
In this case users will want to delete the directory C:\Users\SeanHoppe\ABC\zzz.ABC\.svn

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