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Amazon.com SFTP issues due to BP limitations

Clarify Scenario:

We are trying to use the SFTP task (Below) to set-up a SFTP communications PUT process with Amazon.com.

Cleo Clarify SFTP Business Process Task for Amazon.com

Clarify Issue:

Based on Amazon's requirements (below), a password is not used due to sender/receiver certificates being implemented.
Configure the Amazon Hosted SFTP account to receive the files from Amazon

For security purposes, Amazon does not allow user name and password authentication on our SFTP server. Instead, you will need to generate a public/private key pair using the SFTP software of your choice and save both on your side. Please refer to your software manual for more information.

Amazon.com SFTP Set-up instrucions for sender receiver certificates

Clarify Resolution:

A ticket was opened with Cleo / EBI Support to ask them to create an RFE for this issue.

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