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PSA on Cleo Clarify 5.0 migration :: November 14, 2019

In working closely with Cleo Clarify support in regards to aCleo Clarify 5.0 migration we learned the following:

As of today, there is no current upgrade path from Clarify 4 to Clarify 5.

A fresh installation of Clarify 5 will be required. Clarify 4 objects and projects will not work with Clarify 5. Projects must be upgraded using the Project Upgrade feature before attempting to move them to Clarify 5.

Not every object will survive the transition (aprox. 70-90%, sometimes all). Expect some objects to break during the upgrade and migration process. Some objects may need to be rebuilt.

You will most likely need to devote some development time to testing and ensuring all processes are running correctly after the migration.

As this is a fresh installation, the server-bound variables will need to be manually recorded and moved. Navigating to the settings tab in the admin console allows us to see these variables. From the Clarify 4 studio, we will want to record any Control Numbers, Global Variables, Next Numbers, and other variables that may be of importance on a case by case basis. Otherwise, the current state of these server side variables will not be maintained.

You may wish to ensure the SVN has been reconnected to the new studio. This is done the same way as in Clarify 4. No new SVN needs to be created. The same SVN can be used for both Clarify 4 and Clarify 5; however, be aware that objects created in different versions will, under no circumstance, work together. Clarify 4 Studio must be used with Clarify 4 Server, and Clarify 5 Studio must be used with Clarify 5 Server. Version mismatches will not work properly and may cause errors to the system or data.

NOTE: If your organization is currently using a version lower than Cleo Clarify 5.0 and would like help migrating to 5.0, our group can assist.
Feel free to contact us and we can walk you thru the steps other Cleo Clarify customers have used.

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