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RECAP :: EBI 4 Server/Cluster Webinar :: October 29 2015

Clustering :: Background

On Wednesday October 29, 2015 Jeff Inns, VP at EXTOL, walked users through the methodology of EXTOL Cluster set-up and how it would be applicable in the real-world.

Jeff focused on the 3 main compenents (below) Receiver Node, Coordinator Nodes, and Worker Nodes.

EBI 4 Cluster Overview Recevier Coordinator Worker Node Explained

Clustering :: Overview

In addition to walking users through a typical set-up, Jeff also showed users the Topology of the DServer Set-up.

Clustering :: Topology

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Distributed Topolgy of Cluster

Clustering :: Hardware

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Cluster Hardware Configuration

Clustering :: Advantages

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Cluster Advantages

Clustering :: Disadvantages

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Cluster Disadvantages

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