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Introduction Webinar to Studio, Server, and Improved Performance :: October 15 2015

Jeff Inns and Tammy Moyer reviewed the new functionality and performance ehancements for EBI 4 EXTOL Business Integrator v4.1. Users will find EBI 4 to mirror the EBI 3 look and feel. However, significant back-end improvements were made to the engine.

The webinar covered:

  • How EBI 4 improves throughput and stability for all server workloads
  • How the new clustering option extends EBI scalability and enables high availability
  • What new options are available for tuning EBI throughput, concurrency, and response
  • How you can use the new Access Control feature to secure EBI administrative functions
  • What steps are required to upgrade to EBI 4 from EBI 2 and EBI 3

New Functionality

Server Administrators can control access to the EBI 4 Server. Users can be assigned specific roles.

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Server Access Control

Users can receive inbound data via email body text or email attachments. Users will be able to interact with POP3 or IMAP server.

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Email Receive monitor

Performance Updates

Users can see a great enhancement to the back-end server performance.

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Server Performance

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