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What's New with Clarify 4.9 Release :: August 25, 2017

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In a previous post we discussed Clarify 4.9 was released, below are the highlights of the upgrade.

Support of XML in the Next Generation Engine

For exsiting users Next Generation Engine is also known as Version 2. Clarify now supports XML Schema (xml.objSchema) complex XML data structures using an XML Schema Definition (XSD). A demo of the new wizard shows Clarify can now handle complete XSD set-ups where many XSDs are referenced, or 'imported'.

New Variable Type: Duration

The Duration Ruleset variable type can be used to calculate the time between two DateTime variable types, or used to increment/decrement a DateTime value. You can manipulate duration values in your data without the need for manual editing or custom rules.


When creating a Data Analysis Ruleset (DARS) select the Log of Application Batch option in the Ruleset editor to create a Log of Application Batch. If not selected, Clarify will not find any messages for enveloping. Note: This is only required for outbound enveloping if not using Data Grouping. Please refer to Using the Properties View in the Designing Integration Solutions|Transforming the Data|Rulesets|Defining Rules using Actions, Variables, and Methods section of the Product Help.

Email Monitor

The Email Monitor editor now provides better support when using email that contains inline attachments (i.e., an attachment seen directly within the email message body); you can set Events to be triggered when messages contain these inline attachments, using the Issue Events for inline attachments checkbox.

Business Process

Fixed an issue in the Business Process editor in which the Label table cell was losing focus while entering values.

Web Services

Clarify Server is now capable of using the TLSv1.2 protocol for Web Services.

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