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Clarify 4.7 :: Server Fixes/Updates

Cleo Clarify 4.7 Studio/Server Released

Server Fixes/Upgrades

  • Fixed an issue that several Customers experienced when connecting to Web Services. HTTP Status codes have been updated to allow successful Web service processing to continue when the remote Web service responds with a status code of 201 or 202.
  • Fixed an issue that several Customers experienced when attempting to fetch SFTP SSH Keys from the Admin Console; the “algorithm negotiation failed” error has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in which processes were remaining in active status; the problem occurred when multiple processes attempted to create process log folders. This was causing processes to not complete due to the missing process log.
  • Fixed an issue where EDIFACT Orders Schema was not allowing decimals for PRI01-02 Price Element.
  • Fixed an issue in which the percent character (%) appeared in outbound UNH Segment for the Controlling Agency.
  • Addressed the FTP MGET: FTPES – Explicit SSL/TLS throwing error: This was caused by an invalid parameter setting when Clarify was attempting to connect to the FTP server. The parameter has been corrected.
  • A utility for zipping server logs was not added to Clarify during the previous update; the archive_logs script will be included in the server utilities folder. This archives different server logs and property files and makes them readily available in one location.
  • Fixed an issue in which File Monitors were in a suspended state after an update, and could not be easily restarted; the restarting of the Server (per normal update practice) now brings File Monitors back to their correct pre-update state.
  • Fixed a Customer issue that occurred when executing a Database Adapter "Select" interaction having Selection Criteria that referred to a Database Schema Column Name that was different from the corresponding database column name. In this specific incident, the database column name contained “#” but was sanitized to “pound” instead, which caused a “Column Not Found” error.

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