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Clarify Releases New Transformation Engine :: December 23, 2016

Cleo Clarify 4.6 New Transformation Engine

Cleo Clarify v4.6, for Studio and Server, was released this month and the back-engine enhancements are amazing...

The updated Clarify Studio and Server up-ends the whole transformation process and users are now able to run transformation tests within their rulesets.

Studio Updates:

From Clarify Help Text

  • The power to run a transformation directly from the Ruleset editor, without deploying to a server. See how to Run the Transformation directly from the Ruleset.
  • An improved Move rule that lessens the need for manual manipulation of your data by inspecting and adhering to Schema properties such as length, type, etc. It is more consistent in the way it inspects settings in the source and target Schemas; Whether moving source data into a Ruleset variable, or directly to target, the Move rule respects the data type set in the Schema
  • A new suite of Ruleset Actions, including updated Variable types and an improved process to create custom Actions. More information can be found in Ruleset Actions.

Supported Integration Types for New Engine:

  • Database
  • Flat File (fixed length and delimited)

More Clarify Information

Users can goto the following location, in the help text to learn more

Cleo Clarify v4 User Guide > Designing Integration Solutions > Transforming the Data

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