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Clarify 4.6 Part 2 :: December 30, 2016

Cleo Clarify 4.6 Project Configurations menu option

When Clarify 4.6 is installed, users will want to upgrade existing projects.
From the Clarify Studio’s main menu, select Project>Upgrade project configurations. As a result, Clarify performs the following for each open Project in your workspace:

  • Rebuilds the Project. This generates required Java code for all resources. Please let this process complete; you may wish to reserve sufficient time for this process, based on number of Projects you have.
  • Creates the ebi-gen directory (if it didn’t already exist). This folder contains Java representations of the Clarify objects per Project.
  • Updates MANIFEST.MF and build.properties Java Environment to 1.7.

In addition to the New Transformation Engine, we documented in Cleo Clarify 4.6 Release, Part 1, the features/functionality below also were released.

Abstract base types and WS-Security:

Support for EDI format: TRADACOMS

New Archive Utility for server logs (and other property files)

According to the release notes below, the new archive utility will assist users when trying to compartmentalize server logs

The latest Clarify server update provides a utility that archives different server logs and property files and makes them readily available in one location; this is useful when troubleshooting or investigating server issues (Single or Cluster). Logs include cluster, server, and deployment, as well as the shared and node property files for all nodes.

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