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Clarify Clusterting/Deployment Enhancements :: September 12, 2016

Cleo Clarify v4.5.1, for Server, was released and addresses the following issues:

Cleo Clarify 4.5.1 Server Upgrade

Studio Updates:

Projects were incompletely deployed to a server and not displayed in the Projects view of the Admin Console due to an issue that occurred during the bundling process;

  • Additional validation now occurs to address this issue.
  • New error messaging and log entries identify when validation fails, and provide direction for troubleshooting.
  • Server logging that compares deployed Projects with what is reported in the Admin Console.

Server Updates:

  • Increased Server Cluster stability, including the resolution of: Connection issues between nodes and “Random Access File” errors received during server start-up.
  • Fixed an issue in which a Business Processes scheduled to run once daily was instead running once hourly.
  • Fixed an issue which Regional/locale settings were causing server start-up to fail.

For more information, users can login to EXTOL/Cleo Customer Zone.

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