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Cleo Clarify 5.0.3 Studio and Server Released :: October 22, 2019

Cleo clarify 5.0.3 Studio Update screen

Cleo Clarify 5.0.3 was released wtih XML updates, new standards introduced, NetSuite improvements and several other fixed.

In the past users, were only able to develop rulesets with a single input, and single output. With 5.0, users will be able to merge multiple inputs (sources) and multiple outputs (targets) in a single ruleset.

Below are some of the 5.0.3 upgrades .

XML Data Splitting Supported

  • XML Data Splitting allows users to break-out XML documents into smaller fragments
  • XMLData Splitter: This task takes an XML document and splits it into several fragments using a defined path to a specific XML element.
  • Split Multiple Roots: This task splits a non-well-formed XML document containing multiple roots into a list of StorageNodes where each root is contained as a separate element.

Connector enhancements

  • NetSuite Connector fixes
  • Acumatica Connector fixes

New Standards Available

  • NEDIFACT: 16B, 17A, 17B, 18A, 18B, 19A
  • X12 Standards: 7030 and 7050

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