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About EBIFour.com

Updated: Friday, July 19th 2019

EBIFour.com is a spin-off of EBIThree.com and we continue to show Cleo Clarify users how to master the usage of their respective solutions.

With 12 years of Cleo Clarify experience and 21 years of Cleo/EXTOL experience, the Sean Hoppe Consulting Group brings a unique perspective to CLEO implementations, daily support, and deep knowledge to back-end business processes. We understand Cleo Clarify is a very important solution but at the same time it is just the piece of the order-to-cash cycle or the procurement process.

We show how to think outside-the-box and utilize Cleo Clarify. For some Clarify users, it means optimizing the order order-to-cash cycle. For others it's from when the purchase order is placed, til invoice is received.

Cleo Services: Remote/On-Site Offerings

We provide remote and on-site services at a fraction, of the cost our competitors.

Being daily users of the Cleo suite of products, we bring a unique in-site during all implementations. We can assist as a part-time resource, or as a full-time resource; we adjust as organizations scale-up or scale-down

For information on the services our group can provide, Click Here.

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group

2880 Pottsville-Minersville Hwy
Suite 107
Minersville Pa 17954

office: 570.503.6114
Sean @ seanhoppe.com (remove spaces)

hours : 7am - 6pm EST

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